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Data & Analytics

In an increasingly customer-centric, data-driven world, you need actionable insights to support every customer interaction and create the best customer experiences. Our approach is centered around insight. We validate, analyze and comprehend information to deliver data & analytics solutions that enhance your engagement at every touchpoint. The result? Deeper understanding and improved performance. Using clever data and intuitive insights, we form smarter marketing solutions that check all the boxes, are loved by audiences and deliver impressive ROI.

Big numbers mean big business. Make the New Mover Marketing Suite your next move.

Data & Analytics in action

How lead-nurturing boosted sales for Microsoft

Leads nurtured and sales-ready, we supported Microsoft UK to deliver their monetary goals in just seven months as well as a 343% increase in qualified leads. How? Thanks to propensity modeling and smart analytics that fueled more effective telemarketing. Take a deeper look at how we did it.

When the Microsoft UK Enterprise sales team were struggling to convert marketing leads into revenue and disengagement was high, we applied our data expertise to create a better customer experience and deliver a ten-fold increase in just seven months. How did we do it? Come and take a look.


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